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Lost Customer Promotion: Model this promotion to target clients who have not been to your salon or spa. This is something you should do once or twice per year at least. The best people to market to our those that have already spent money in your business. This is one effective way to do just that. $49.95 $11.95.
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Thank You Marketing: Another marketing strategy you should have in place is a 'Thank You' system where every single new client reserves a thank you letter or card with an upsell (a reason to come back and spend more money at your salon). In addition we show you a simple but effective referral reward strategy. $49.95 $11.95.
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Survey Marketing : Finding out out what you are doing right and wrong in your salon is essential to the success of your business. This is one way to find out. But our survey strategy also helps you get lots of testimonials, and may even give you a bump in your sales as well. $49.95 $7.95.
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Testimonial Marketing: Highly recommended - This unique strategy shows you, step-by-step, how to get testimonials (with pictures of your clients), and then how to use them to create one of, if not, your best marketing piece. This is one of my favorite techniques ever. $29.95 $9.95.
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  • Hair Salon Newsletters: Very Highly recommended - We use newsletters in our business with exceptional success. And we have been doing it for years. You'll get 12 months worth of newsletters in Word format, and they are 4 pages each. If you hired a writer to write 12 four page newsletters for your business it would cost you a small fortune. Trust me I know. I hire writers weekly... Click here to read more about these newsletters and how much they cost.
  • Facebook Marketing Guide: Did you know the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is women over 55? Facebook is THE place to be outside of Google's local marketing program. But Facebook is hard to navigate. This guide makes it easy to understand, and you will be jumping for joy when you see what it will do for your salon or spa! Click here for more information.

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Refund Policy - Please Read: Because these marketing pieces are extremely valuable and it took us many hours to create them, and because it's too easy to buy them and download them, we cannot offer a refund. So if you are not comfortable with our refund policy please do not order any of them. Thank you for understanding.

Attention: These marketing strategies are not available to you if you are opening a salon or spa, have a salon or spa, or are thinking about opening one anywhere in the Bay Area or Sonoma County (California). Thank you for undertanding.

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